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Avoiding Foreclosure Scams - the CORRECT way to do it may SHOCK you.

If you’re like many homeowners facing foreclosure, you haven’t a clue as to what to do to stop the foreclosure process. And, when you turn to the internet to find help, you’re immediately flooded with a host of companies — all promising that they can help you stop foreclosure. And you also may see many seemingly innocent websites that claim to give advice on how to avoid scams.

Easy does it . . . there are a lot of foreclosure scams out there. AND, there are also a lot of legitimate companies as well who can help you stop foreclosure. Following are six things that can help you tell the honest companies from the con-artists, and avoid foreclosure scams. The information you are about to read runs COMPLETELY counter to everything the banks and their government cronies are telling you about how to save your home - but it's VITAL to saving your home. If you simply follow the conventional "how to avoid scams" advice from the corporate media, your lender/servicer, and the thousands of bank-funded "nonprofits" and "loan modification shops" with ulterior motives, then you're making a FATAL mistake and you could quickly find yourself in a world of hurt.


Anti-Scam Tip #1: DON'T Work with Nonprofits

Ask anyone these days how you can avoid getting scammed by phony "foreclosure relief" companies, and you'll probably hear them say "work with non-profits, HUD counselors, and so on". This is actually some of the WORST advice you could ever get. Now that doesn't mean that every company that charges a fee is good - many of those can be scams as well. But if you work with a non-profit group, you will quickly discover that they have NO INTEREST in doing anything that gets results for you. And this is for three reasons:

1. Non-profit agencies are staffed by volunteers and minimum wage workers - NOT foreclosure prevention professionals. They don't know any more than you do about fighting foreclosure and saving your home, and most barely have a high school education. All they are trained to do is fax in paperwork that the bank will throw away anyway. Do you really want to literally bet the house on them?

2. HUD and FHA-approved housing counselors are only allowed to pitch you "options" that benefit the banks (for example, loan modifications, short sales, deed-in-lieu, cash for keys). These programs have no requirements for the bank to do ANYTHING to help you - and in order to "qualify" they force you to fall behind several months, waste precious time resubmitting paperwork, only for them to sell your house at auction behind your back! HUD-approved nonprofits have the worst failure rate of any foreclosure prevention companies - so far they have not prevented a single foreclosure! No wonder, since HUD and FHA are run by bank lobbyists, for the benefit of the banks. They were the ones that pumped trillions in cheap credit into mortgage banks and created the housing bubble in the first place. And even the nonprofits they approve are not clean - they are only kept afloat by massive donations from the banks themselves - talk about a conflict of interest!

3. Nonprofit mortgage counselors have NO ATTORNEYS and offer you NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION. In other words, they can't stop the bank from doing anything, and they never investigate the mortgage's chain of title to see if your bank even owns your loan! So you could be wasting time on loan modifications that never go through, with a bank that has no intention of helping you (and every intention of stealing your house to collect on mortgage insurance) because they have sold the note to investors and therefore won't modify it. Nonprofits are IGNORANT of most of the federal laws that banks have been violating with their shady mortgage practices, and they have no legal power to protect your home from fraud and wrongful foreclosure! (How many of them know that Bank of America practically bankrupted the insurance giant AIG by fraudulently milking them for billions worth of insurance payouts for properties that they ILLEGALLY foreclosed on and gave the borrower no chance whatsoever to repay!)

You need seasoned professional lawyers to negotiate with the bank, NOT minimum-wage pencil-pushers. Otherwise you have no investigations and no EVIDENCE against the bank to negotiate with. How do nonprofit employees expect to get anything done for you when they have no evidence of fraud and no legal standing to make the banks do anything? The government programs they pitch are BROKEN and don't require the banks to do anything, they can deny you on a whim without even giving a reason why. HUD is not some kind of magic bullet, and being HUD-approved doesn't mean a company is trustworthy. Quite the opposite- remember, HUD and FHA are huge bureaucracies run by bank lobbyists, for the benefit of the banks. They, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were the ones that pumped trillions in cheap sub-prime credit into mortgage banks and created the mortgage bubble that wrecked the housing market in the first place. HUD is not on your side!

Anti-Scam Tip #2: Avoid Loan Modification Services like the plague - EVEN if they are free

There is a huge amount of ignorance and bad advice being spread on the internet about loan modifications. The banks and their HUD-approved counseling partners are basically claiming that the only option (short of bankruptcy or selling your house) is applying for a loan modification through either a government program like HAMP or an in-house bank loan mod program - both of which are equally ineffective and toothless. Essentially, they want you to beg for your home rather than know your rights to DEMAND it. 

In reality, a loan modification is one of the WORST options you could choose. It damages your credit often beyond repair, since arrears are not wiped out but simply stuck on the back of the loan, and what's more, you are forced to fall behind 60 days on your mortgage to even qualify, and then for the next 30 days the bank hems and haws, making no decision on your case, and then suddenly you find yourself 90 days behind on your payments - which officially puts you in DEFAULT and then the bank starts foreclosing on you. Loan mods force you to fall behind and default on your loan, and therefore make you into the "delinquent borrower" that the banks love to demonize. Once you are in default, the bank has you by the throat. They can simply claim that you "missed your chance" and failed to submit the loan mod paperwork (often they simply shred it and pretend they never got it), and then foreclose and sell the house within weeks, often without warning. Even if you did everything right, it's your word against theirs once you are in default, if all you were relying on was a loan modification. And without any evidence backing you up, who is the judge going to believe? The little guy who's 90 days behind, or the big powerful bank with billions of dollars and top-tier attorneys at its disposal, which claims it gave the little guy so many chances to turn things around with their pie-in-the-sky offers of loan modifications? As far as the judge is concerned, you're probably just another lazy sub-prime bum who wants to live in a house for free - because when you have no actual evidence proving wrongdoing by the bank, the judge will believe the bank.

In the end loan mods not only fail to provide any legal defense for your rights as a homeowner - they ACTUALLY strip you of any rights to your home and turn you into a renter, after which point the bank usually uses renter's laws to evict you from the property - and then you are an open target for them to seize your assets to cover the unpaid deficiency on the loan once they sell the house at rock-bottom prices. You may be wondering, how can this happen? It is theft, pure and simple. And loan modifications, far from being a remedy to foreclosure, actually exacerbate the process and make it far more devastating to the homeowner. Meanwhile those apathetic minimum-wage workers at the HUD-approved nonprofit are being subsidized by the banks, and don't make enough to care where their next paycheck is coming from, let alone care what happens to your property after they submit your loan mod application. So as you can see, loan modification services are a TRAP and a SCAM, even when you don't have to pay for them out of pocket. You WILL ultimately end up paying dearly for such incompetent "free" services - with your home, your credit, and possibly your entire life savings.

Anti-Scam Tip #3: Expect to pay SOME upfront cost if you expect ANYTHING to be done

Many bank and government-funded "scam alert" sites out there will tell you to beware of any company that asks for an up-front fee to do loan modifications. By now it's a well-known fact that this is a HUGE red flag. But that doesn't mean that you should expect real help for free. Nonprofit counselors and other free services have no legal representation and therefore no power to make the banks do anything to help you. Paying for legal muscle to stop your foreclosure is going to be necessary in most cases. The thing you have to pay attention to is WHAT you are paying for.

Yes, it IS illegal to charge upfront for one type of service - that's loan modifications. But what the banks and even most government sites will NEVER tell you is that loan modifications are non-binding and useless even if you get them done for free - the bank can always choose to reject your application at will even if you qualify. They never tell you that there are PLENTY of other avenues for stopping foreclosure that work far better than a loan modification - these alternatives to a loan modification are far more effective and perfectly legal, but unlike loan mods, they can only be performed by experienced professionals, and therefore are NOT free. For example, a tier-III securitization audit of your loan can mean the difference between keeping and losing your home, but it HAS to be done by experienced Bloomberg-certified securities auditors and handled by an actual LAW FIRM with attorneys specializing in not just real estate law, but also banking law and securities law, and up to date with the latest regulations in all three areas. As you might guess, such firms are not very common (your local property or bankruptcy attorney literally has NO CLUE how to handle today's post-housing bubble foreclosure cases). Ever since 2001, the vast majority of mortgages have NOT been traditional hard-money loans. They have been securitized, converted into bonds and sold on wall street to private investors - in the process a huge amount of fraud was committed - destroyed notes, broken chain of assignments, sales of the mortgage debt instrument between investors not documented at all, forged documents, robo-signers, negligent misrepresentation, multiple MERS violations, the list goes on and on....

Any of these problems could be affecting your loan, and in most cases they render any foreclosure ILLEGAL because the paperwork is so predatory and flawed that the bank literally can not even prove that they own your loan. They have already sold it to private investors and gotten their money back - so it is likely they have no claim on you home. However the only way to save your home is to prove any of this. And to prove it you NEED a top-tier law firm handling your case. Attorneys do charge fees, as do auditors. It's not a scam, it's a fact of life. Nobody will work on your case for free, unless they are already being funded by the banks. And you don't want those kinds of two-faced turncoats "helping" you out.

That said, there ARE plenty of scammers out there who also charge upfront fees. When you do pay someone, know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Don't pay attorneys to file a lawsuit unless you have already paid for a securitization audit and it returned conclusive proof of fraud. Without a successful audit, the evidence is unknown and you don't have a case, and filing a lawsuit without evidence is a total waste of time and money regardless of how skilled your attorney is.

Also, make sure that it's a tier-III Securitization Audit and not a forensic audit. Forensic audits have not been proven to get any results in stopping foreclosure. They have been extremely over-hyped in the press, but they rarely find proof of fraud because they only go as far as the original closing documents - they never look into the loan's ownership history during the time AFTER it was bundled up and securitized on Wall Street, and that is the period during which the vast majority of mortgage lending and servicing fraud actually took place.

Finally, never pay to join a class-action or a mass-joiner suit. There is nothing worse than PAYING to line up behind thousands of other foreclosure victims waiting years for a pathetic $20 check in the mail while your house is lost and your credit is destroyed, only to have some flashy class action attorney pocket millions that should have gone to you and the other victims. To prevent foreclosure without bankrupting you, you need an individual audit and litigation process tailored to YOUR specific case and circumstances, with attorneys focusing specifically on your case to force a quick settlement outside of court. And as Kramer & Kaslow showed us, many class-action lawsuits that require an upfront fee to join are scams.

And in case you're still wondering.... NO, attorneys do not take on individual foreclosure cases for free.  At least not if they're real attorneys with a bar certification and an actual law degree.

Anti-Scam Tip #4: Know What You’re Signing!

Many foreclosure scam artists get unwitting homeowners to sign over the deed to their properties. They also get them to sign powers of attorney unknowingly. This powerful document allows them to conduct financial business in your name. Of course, the banks have already been gambling with your home and your credit in a very similar way.   It’s incredibly easy to get scammed into sign over the deed to your house or sign a power of attorney. Why/how? As every homeowner knows, you sign a lot of papers when you decide to buy, sell, refinance or "modify" a mortgage. Hence, one of these documents could easily “slip by you.”

So, pay attention to every document you sign. DO NOT sign over the deed to your house if you intend on keeping it. And if you do want to walk away from your home, don't sign any grant deed contract unless it explicitly states in writing that the company offering the contract is BOUND to litigate on your behalf to stop all deficiency judgments against you on the mortgage. Make sure the people you are working with are exactly what they say they are. For example, don't assume that you are working with an attorney unless he shows you proof that he is indeed an attorney. NEVER hire anyone who claims to be an attorney until you have ordered a professional audit on your loan. And, if you don’t understand something, don’t sign it. Period.

Anti-Scam Tip #5: A specific outcome is NEVER guaranteed

If a company unconditionally guarantees that they can get you a certain result (e.g., lower your payment by 50%, get your loan modified, etc.), then run for the hills! When it comes to fixing a broken mortgage, you can NEVER guarantee anything without qualification or conditions - it's ILLEGAL.

Nobody can guarantee a principal reduction, a lower interest rate, or reduction of late fees and arrears in every case. Foreclosures can only be handled on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately whether your foreclosure can be stopped let alone reversed depends on the strength of the evidence found in a comprehensive tier-III audit on your mortgage, as well as the laws of your state. While working with a foreclosure prevention law firm can increase your chances of obtaining a desired result, every reputable attorney and legal counselor will tell you that they can’t guarantee a certain outcome. The ONLY guarantee they can legally make is a refund on the audit on the condition that it comes back clean and you don't have a case against your lender. However even that is strictly conditional. Finding fraud on the audit per se can never be unconditionally guaranteed, since it's an investigation with many possible outcomes.

Anti-Scam Tip #6: Use Common Sense & Trust Your Gut

If something just doesn’t “feel right in the pit of your stomach,” trust that. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is (even if it's free). And, no matter how desperate you may be to stop foreclosure, by going against your instincts, you could be getting yourself into even more financial hot water.

Warning Signs

If you're looking for help to save your home, avoid any business that:

  • guarantees to stop the foreclosure process no matter who your lender is or what your circumstances are;
  • only sells you loan modifications or other unproven products like REST reports or Forensic audits;
  • tells you not to contact your lender, lawyer, or financial legal counselor;
  • claims that most or all of its customers get their loans written off or their homes free and clear
  • charges upfront for foreclosure prevention seminars "guaranteeing" that you will be able to stop your foreclosure yourself with what you learn in their seminar
  • asks for an upfront fee before even asking about your hardship or giving you a consultation (unless it's a lawyer you've checked out thoroughly);
  • accepts payment only by credit card or moneygram/wire transfer;
  • offers no option other than to lease your home so you can buy it back over time;
  • tells you to make your mortgage payments directly to it, rather than your lender;
  • tells you to transfer your property deed or title to it in order to keep your home;
  • offers to buy your house for cash for much lower than the selling price of similar houses in your neighborhood (i.e. "cash for keys"); or
  • pressures you to sign papers you haven't had a chance to read thoroughly or that you don't understand.

If you suspect you are being scammed by either your lender or a loan modification company, or your attorney is not honoring their end of the retainer agreement you signed, please call our offices at (855)529-5559 to find out your rights and whether you have legal recourse to stop your foreclosure without paying the scammers any more money. Also, report offenders to Ripoff Report, the FTC, and the American Bar Association.

Good luck in not becoming a victim of a foreclosure scam.

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If you are facing foreclosure and your bank is refusing to work with you, railroading you into endless loan modification processes, losing your paperwork, giving you the runaround, etc. YOU ARE PROBABLY A VICTIM OF MORTGAGE FRAUD and the bank is HIDING the truth about your loan. According to a groundbreaking new independent audit of the mortgage market, 99% of mortgages in foreclosure have ERRORS in the chain of assignments that make the note invalid and the foreclosure ILLEGAL. And 84% are tainted by outright FRAUD and VIOLATIONS of the Law.

This is the paper mill that Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and many other banks used to forge documents to illegally foreclose on unsuspecting homeowners. Most of the time the bank no longer owns the mortgage note (having sold it to private investors and already made their money back many times over) and therefore has no right to foreclose on the home - instead they hire dishonest FRAUD companies like DocX to make FAKE mortgage notes with fake signatures and often wrong dates, to illegally steal your home!

DocX - Document "Sweat Shop" subsidiary of Lenders Processing Services (LPS)
DocX - NOW CLOSED !!! this "paper mill" office ..... now considered...... a crime scene

Evidence of ROBO-SIGNING and FRAUD on Mortgages
LINDA GREEN'S MANY SIGNATURES - Linda was LPS's most successful employee - there were HUNDREDS of Linda Greens with thousands of different signatures and handwriting styles.


"My registry is a CRIME SCENE as evidenced by this forensic examination...
I can tell you that every single assignment of mortgage that was recorded for the purpose of foreclosing the homeowner is invalid, overtly fraudulent, or criminally fraudulent. This is disgusting, and this is criminal" (John O'Brien - Massachusetts Register)

This CRIME ....has affected thousands of homeowners..their property rights trampled on and their chain of title compromised. This evidence has made it clear....  banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and others...... have played fast and loose with people’s biggest asset – their homes. My findings also show.....clouds on title due to the recording of defective and invalid discharges and assignments of mortgage.

Documents included 1,947 signed by Linda Green with 15 different signature variations
Register of DeedsThigpen sent state and federal regulators over 4,500 robo-signed documents submitted by DocX, a company owned by Lender Processing Services contracted by Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and MERS amongst others. See letter sent to Iowa Attorney General "detailing crimes" (HERE)

Marie McDonald (McDonnell Property Analytics) through a legal affidavit, explained the results of her independent audit of Register John O’Brien's registry. It reads in part:  ...."the banks set up in-house document execution teams, or outsourced the  preparation of their assignments to third parties who manufactured them out of thin air without researching who really owns the mortgage.… "What this means is that the degradation in standards fatally flawed that the institutions, including many pension funds, that purchased these mortgages don’t actually own them because the assignments of mortgage were never prepared, executed and delivered the normal course of business at the time of the transaction.

Lawyer Extraordinaire!Lynn Symoniak
A FRAUDclosure victim in the 60 minutes story but a "Hero" to homeowners.  Lynn has sacrificed for all of us - Great Job Lynn!

Watch her 60 Minutes story (and her exposure of the Linda Green mortgage forgeries) HERE:

Michigan AG
The attorney general said he is seeking information about documents signed by DocX employees both male and female FRAUDulently signing as “Linda Green.” “Allegations of forged mortgage documents are very serious and require a thorough investigation, I will continue to work closely with federal and local authorities to find answers.

FLORIDA:     R. B. "CHIPS" SHORE - Manatee County - Clerk  As Florida’s foreclosure crisis continues, Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, R.B. “Chips” Shore, suggests that property owners conduct regular and routine public records searches for faulty liens and other documents that may be filed against their property. As the foreclosure process and “foreclosure mills” came under scrutiny for inaccurate documentation and other issues, the need to show clear and accurate title to one’s property came to the forefront.
Who's authorizing the filing of FRAUDulent documents on Florida property owners?

Washington State Attorney General (Rob McKenna) filed a lawsuit against the Bank of America's "Recon Trust" for conducting ILLEGAL FORECLOSURES on THOUSANDS of Washington State homeowners.

The suit alleges, amongst many charges, that "ReconTrust":

  • CREATED or permitted the use of documents that were FRUADulently and improperly executed, notarized or sworn to....and the notices and agreements contained conflicting dates and improper notarizations and ReconTrust employees sometimes FRAUDulently signed as officers of other entities.

  • "ReconTrust ... repeatedly broke the law and refused to provide information requested during our investigation," McKenna said. “ReconTrust’s illegal practices make it difficult, if not impossible, for borrowers ... to stop those foreclosures.”

  • Washington Attorney General sues ReconTrust for illegal foreclosures (press release here)

    Some examples of the Bank of America & ReconTrust documents below:                     
    (The Art & Science of Robo-signing (New & Improved Document Fabrication)

    Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker is urging registers of deeds across state and the country to withdraw public money from any banks affiliated with the Mortgage Electronic Registry System (MERS), which she claims is undermining the practice of accurate land recording.
    "In recent years, mortgages have been assigned and reassigned multiple times, and when a bank or other entity doesn’t properly report these transfers, it makes it very difficult for homeowners to determine who holds their mortgages. It clouds the chain of title, and it’s prohibiting (officials) from recording revenues they should be recording," Becker said.

    OHIO: Sherrod Brown introduces SB-824 Anti- Fraud (Robo-Signing) Bill

    (Click below) Read this 35 page Senate Bill titled - Foreclosure FRAUD

    (Click below) Press release - Showing how this bill - has solutions - to stop FRAUD
    (Click below) OUTSTANDING letter outlining FRAUD and problems
    Outline-Explanation of FRAUD and Problem

    Are YOU a victim of mortgage fraud and illegal foreclosure? Do you suspect your bank is NOT telling you the whole truth?

    CALL US TODAY TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Our risk-free consultation will let you know IMMEDIATELY what you need to do to protect your home, regardless of income or how far behind you are on your payments. 
    Call 1-855-LAW-5559.

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    Recently there have been a lot of false and misleading complaints from Maurice "Moe" Bedard, founder of the loan modification site "" slandering our company and intentionally deceiving homeowners. None of these complaints are from actual clients of ours, and not a single one has any shred of credibility - however his slander page is ranking so high on google that it's caused a lot of people to bombard us with questions. Frankly, we are tired of answering these ridiculous allegations. Most of the answers boil down to two points:

    1. National Legal Help Center is NOT, and has NEVER been, a loan modification company. We do not pitch HAMP, HARP, HAFA or any other loan modification program to our clients. While we are easily more than capable of doing loan mods (it doesn't even take a law degree, let alone a law firm to do one), we do not push them as a "solution" to foreclosure because they are usually NOT a solution! We are primarily a litigation firm, that is, we actually do LITIGATE and SUE the banks for fraud and predatory lending, a method that has far higher chances of success than a spineless loan-mod application that the bank can reject at will. A loan mod is a huge waste of time, and it's also ILLEGAL if a company charges money upfront for the mod. Lawyers frankly have no business peddling loan mod services (it's certainly not what they went to law school to learn), and any who do are likely quick-buck scammers or just plain incompetent and lazy, unwilling to actually use their law degree to do a REAL lawyer's job. Our attorneys by contrast focus strictly on litigation.

    2. We do individual personal lawsuits, NOT class-actions or mass-joiners. The reason for this is that class-actions and mass-joiners do not provide reasonable restitution for clients, do not adequately represent the unique grievances and hardships of individual clients, take far too long to file, and are totally ineffective at stopping foreclosure or wiping out deficiency judgments on foreclosed loans. By the time a class action settles, the victim's house is already sold and they are out on the street, still owing money to the bank! Moe has in the past accused us of being a class-action firm like the now disbarred Kramer & Kaslow. WE ARE MOST CERTAINLY NOT.

    Most recently he's falsely accusing our company of being a scam and fraud, without a single shred of proof. His excuse is that his site closely resembles one of our affiliates,, however having a similar domain name is very common in this day and age when domain names that may sound similar end up being bought, sold, and registered by totally unrelated businesses - it's perfectly legal. Our business (mortgage fraud investigations and lawsuits) is completely different from his (non-litigation loan modifications). Furthermore, our company policies are rock-solid and we have always stuck by them from the beginning - either we find fraud on your loan, or your money back. And isn't part of our company - it's a third-party referral service.

    Moe Bedard doesn't have a SINGLE proof of illegal activity on our part. Here is this liar's email to our company:

          Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 10:44 AM
          Subject: Fraud and Scams


          To whom this may concern,
          You are using my website name in bad faith and also Fannie Mae as well as the HOPE Hotline on your website This is fraud and deceptive advertising so if you even have a license real estate or law, it will be taken for being unethical and you could face criminal prosecution.
          If this website is not taken down in 24 hours, then I will forward this information to the FTC, AG and FBI for further action. I am not going to fuck around.
          Best regards,
          Moe Bedard
          CEO & Founder

    Actually, all of Moe's claims are LIES.  First, we are not using his website's name in bad faith. His website is essentially a lead-generation service for banks and lenders. Ours is a Legal Services site (i.e. we are a LAW FIRM, not a mortgage middleman or lead generator). Second, our company website is actually NOT, which is the one Moe's all hot and bothered about - our company website is We do business as National Legal Help Center, not as loan-safe, loansafe, or any derivative thereof. In fact is nothing more than a third-party referral service which offers legal information, NOT legal advice, for educational purposes only. Here is the disclaimer from the bottom of's front page: 

    This company and site informs its users about foreclosure law designed to help them safely cope with their own legal needs. However, legal information is not the same as legal advice. The law as it applies to each individual varies with specific circumstances. Privacy Policy * LOANFAX & NATIONAL LEGAL HELP CENTER INC. is not a credit repair organization. The service we provide is a 3rd party referral to a Duns and Bradstreet accredited law firm and real estate company.

    That company is National Legal Help. is merely one of our affiliates, of which we have many.

    Needless to say, Moe never actually made good on his threat to call the FBI on us. He knows he's full of crap. His email was sent in December 2011, we're still in business (in fact we're expanding faster than ever before) and we still haven't heard a word from the feds.
    In addition, Moe has slandered our company's good name on his forum (and remember that anyone can post anything on a forum, doesn't mean it's even remotely accurate). He's called us a scam, a loan mod company, and accused us of pretending to be Fannie Mae and HUD, none of which are true. We have never been a loan mod company, we do strictly litigation (and for good reason - loan modifications have a terrible track record of not working, since there is no legal pressure or incentive for the bank to work with the homeowner). He's also said the following about our company:

     "They are now making it look like they are not only, but also Fannie Mae and .Gov mortgage programs."

    This is also a TOTAL LIE. We don't own any .gov domains (it's impossible for a non-government entity to purchase them) and we do not pretend to be Fannie Mae. We don't use their logo or name ANYWHERE on our site, nor does our affiliate company Furthermore, while we do offer doc prep services for some Fannie Mae and HUD programs, many other law firms also do this and it's perfectly legal (that said, it's NOT our main specialization - we are first and foremost a litigation firm). And we have never posed as Fannie Mae or HUD, because simply put, we do not call ourselves a government agency! We are a private law firm that sues the banks for predatory lending. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INDUSTRY. Learn the difference, Moe!

    We responded to  Moe's email as follows:

    On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 9:41 PM, Law Office of NLHC <> wrote:

    Mr. Bedard please stop slandering our company on your website. We are a Law Firm, Real Estate Company, Mortgage Fraud Investigators, Wholesale Investors, and a Direct Lender. Please provide us with a list of the clients that we have Scammed before you start accusing our Firm of anything. We work with Licensed Attorneys Nationwide that will make a complaint against you and you organization. We own over 100 domains through Godaddy so if you are interested in purchasing or we will sell it to you for $1,000,000 dollars. If you know so much about mortgage loans or real estate you should know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac products are offered to all homeowners around the states.

          Based on your background and the email that you sent it looks like you have some Anger Management Issues that you need to resolve. Our Team of Attorneys around the Nation have been notified of your actions against our company and will wait for you to make your next move.


    Moe Bedard has lied his head off, and still hasn't produced the name of a single person that we supposedly "scammed". We have a 100% refund clause in our contracts, that is in bold red letters - not fine print, not invisible ink. If our firm for any reason fails to perform the services for which it has been retained in the contract, the client is guaranteed a full refund. Most law firms don't even have a refund policy.

    In addition, Moe Bedard has himself committed numerous frauds and crimes, he should be one to talk! A brief list of his offenses and the complaints against  him follows below:

    LoanSafe's Moe Bedard is a convicted felon!

          Hey Moe,
          Did you cut a deal with the DA or did you rat out a bunch of people to only serve 18 months? This explains why your DRE license was revoked and your appeal to get it back was denied.
          Jan. 2003
          Arrest Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 HS 11358 F Cultivating Marijuana 01/02/2003
          Filed Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 HS 11360(A) F Transport/Sale of marijuanna 01/02/2003 DISCHARGED
          2 HS 11358 F Cultivating Marijuana 01/02/2003 HTA
          3 PC M273A(B) M Abuse/Endanger Child 01/02/2003 HTA
          4 PC M273A(B) M Abuse/Endanger Child 01/02/2003 DISCHARGED
          Infor Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 HS 11359 F Poss of Marijuana for Sale 01/02/2003 GUILTY CONVICTED
          2 HS 11358 F Cultivating Marijuana 01/02/2003 DISMISSED
          3 PC M273A(B) M Abuse/Endanger Child 01/02/2003 DISMISSED
          4 PC 273A(B) F Abuse/Endanger Health of Child 01/02/2003 DISMISSED

       Say, what was that about abuse/endangerment of a child, Moe?

     March 2003
          Arrest Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 PC 243(E)(1) M Battery on Spouse/CoHabit/Pare 02/11/2003
          Filed Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 PC 243(E)(1) M Battery on Spouse/CoHabit/Pare 02/11/2003 GUILTY CONVICTED

       August 2004
          Arrest Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 PC 245(A)(1) F Assault w/deadly weapon/instrument non-firearm produce GBI 08/26/2004
          Filed Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 PC 273.5(E) F Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant 08/26/2004 GUILTY CERTIFIED

          2 PC 245(A)(1) F Assault w/deadly weapon/instrument non-firearm produce GBI 08/26/2004 CERT ACTIVE
          3 PC 273.6(A) M Violation of Court Order 08/26/2004 CERT ACTIVE
          4 PC 136.1(A) F Dissuade Witness 08/26/2004 CERT ACTIVE
          Enhancement Description PleaStatus
          5 PC 273.6(A) M Violation of Court Order 08/26/2004 CERT ACTIVE
          Certified Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 PC 273.5(E) F Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant 08/26/2004 GUILTY CONVICTED 

    2 PC 245(A)(1) F Assault w/deadly weapon/instrument non-firearm produce GBI 08/26/2004 DISMISSED
          3 PC 273.6(A) M Violation of Court Order 08/26/2004 DISMISSED
          4 PC 136.1(A) F Dissuade Witness 08/26/2004 DISMISSED
          Enhancement Description PleaStatus
          5 PC 273.6(A) M Violation of Court Order 08/26/2004 DISMISSED
          Origin Charges
          CountChargeSeverityDescriptionViolation DatePleaStatus
          1 PC 273.5(E) F Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant 08/26/2004
          by Joe Bob Briggs July 30, 2008 12:00 AM

          Moe Bedard Spins A Tangled Web Of Deceit


          Moe Bedard of, and Loan Safe Solutions spins a tangled web of deceit. The self-proclaimed community based, grass roots, consumer leader was exposed today, by an ex-employee, for being a fraud, liar, manipulator and scam artist. Loan Safe’s Moe Bedard has deceived not only the homeowners of America, facing the toughest time of their life’s, but also hundreds of his own employees who are now unemployed.
          Moe Bedard’s website is quoted saying Loan Safe is “based on the simple premise of “paying it forward”. We help you, you help him, he helps her and so on and so on….. No strings attached ever and no favors needed to be paid back. Just pay it forward to the next person in need of help!.....”
          Well Moe Bedard sure did pay it forward …… in a negative, economy crushing way!!!! Way to go Moe! Not only are your employees out of work but you have deceived the American people.
          Moe Bedard has spent the past year of his life/career at Loan Safe manipulating and distracting the American homeowner, the US Government, the media, the Banks, and his own employees. Moe Bedard has accused everyone (from Wall Street to the Government) of causing the home foreclosure crisis. However, Mr. Bedard has done nothing to help the problem or to help Americans. The one thing Moe Bedard has successfully done is increase the outrage of homeowners across the country. Moe has increased the homeowners paranoia, finger pointing, and distrust of Wall Street and the US Government making it more difficult (if not impossible) for all parties involved to solve the problems at hand.
          Moe Bedard has spent countless hours planning events and protesting at Banks such as Morgan Stanley, calling it “Save the Dream Campaigns”. Moe Bedard rallies together frightened homeowners with aggressive advocacy groups causing turmoil and chaos. I fail to see whose dream is being fulfilled. These types of actions are negative and help no one. The banks are being distracted from performing their job duties and the homeowners are getting riled up and outraged. Moe Bedard convinces the homeowners to complain and rebel instead of helping to fix their current circumstances. Other foreclosure prevention companies who are trying to work with the banks and homeowners are being distracted in their efforts in order to do damage control.
          Moe Bedard is constantly trying to ruin the reputations of legitimate Foreclosure Law Firms, accusing them of defrauding consumers, stealing money, and ruining the lives of hundreds of homeowners. These companies are doing the right thing, forcing banks to come to the table to work out settlements with the homeowners, following government guidelines, saving homeowners from losing their homes, and employing hundreds to thousands of out-of-work Americans.
          The only logical explanation for this type of behavior is to manipulate the public. I call it “The Die Hard 3 Movie Explanation”. In the movie Die Hard 3 everyone in the city is being distracted by chaos in one side of the city and the crooks are on the other side of the city stealing all of the gold. Moe Bedard is the king of spin and deceit and the second you are looking to the left he will steal everything you have on the right. Loan Safe’s Moe Bedard is not prejudice against whose life he ruins for he has no morals. As proven in the article below (from <>  ) he will even ruin the lives of those who worked for him.
          *“Loan Safe, Moe Bedard, aka 'The Moeniac' fires all processors and negotiators last week!
          I was a long time employee <>  of Loan Safe and the related law firms until recently. I will state indisputable facts in this post. Moe Bedard can try to justify his actions or give his own spin, but any reader can easily verify this information.
          California law requires companies acting as loan modification processing companies be affiliated with a Licensed Real Estate Broker <>  in the State of California. Loan Safe has no such affiliation.
          California law requires that the individuals acting in the capacity of 'negotiator' have a valid California Real Estate Salespersons License. This person has conversation with the homeowner and the bank <> , relaying terms, paperwork requirements, proposed mortgage payments, etc. Loan Safe's negotiators/processors are not licensed real estate salespersons.
          The above information can be verified at the California DRE website.
          One of the reasons that Loan Safe does not have a broker's license <>  is that Moe Bedard, aka Maurice Clement Bedard Jr. is a convicted felon and had his salespersons license REVOKED by the DRE on August 8, 2005. The revoked license number is 01237996. You can look this up on the net or call the DRE in Sacramento to verify.
          The reason his licensed was revoked is that his felony convictions involved 'moral turpitude'. Wikipedia defines 'moral turpitude' as a legal concept in the United States that refers to 'conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals.'
          Case #1 Riverside County Superior Court RIF108001
          1 HS 11359 Felony Poss of Marijuana for Sale 01/02/2003 GUILTY CONVICTED
          Case #2 Riverside County Superior Court RIF118953
          1 PC <>  273.5(E) Felony Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant 08/26/2004 GUILTY CONVICTED
          Case #3 Riverside County Superior Court RIM431684
          1 PC 243(E)(1) Misdemeanor Battery on Spouse/CoHabit/Pare 02/11/2003 GUILTY CONVICTED
          On November 23, 2004 Maurice 'Moe' Bedard was sentenced to 2 years in State Prison, (less 66 days time served). Remanded to custody of Riverside County Sheriff, subsequently transported to California Rehabilitation Center <>  in Norco, CA.
          Soon after he got out of prison, Moe began working on the idea of Loan Safe in early 2007. The website went live that summer. The actual 'for profit' business <>  of Loan Safe Solutions opened to the public in May 2008. Moe makes claims that is a 'not for profit' (same as non-profit), however the company is not registered with the IRS <>  as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.
          The website, is actually an extremely good source of information for distressed homeowners to help themselves with the support of the loansafe community of volunteers. For homeowners who want help from an attorney, has their 'selected' attorney or law firm advertise on their site for a marketing <>  fee which is paid to Loan Safe Solutions. A portion of EVERY retainer fee collected by the law firm which got the lead from is paid to Loan Safe Solutions.
          The Law Offices and Loan Safe Solutions are separate entities. However, Moe calls the shots at both. The attorneys <>  do their attorney work, but regarding policies & procedures for Loan Safe cases, we all know Moe is basically in charge.
          Once the fee has been paid by the homeowner and the required paperwork has been exchanged and received by the salesperson <>  aka 'Mortgage Investigator', the case is then handed over to Loan Safe Solutions for the forensic auditing and processing of the modification with the lender. The 'Forensic Loan Audit' may or may not play a part in the negotiations with the lender <> . As the Federal Loan Modification programs become generally accepted by the lenders, the audit will become unnecessary in most cases.
          While the case is being processed at Loan Safe Solutions, the auditing staff of 2 young ladies, probably no more than 24 years old and each with just a few years experience in the RE business review the old loan for violations and prepare the loan audit. Neither one of these persons have Real Estate Salesperson licenses.
          The processing staff of just 2 people as of last Friday, prepare the submission of the loan modification file to the lender. Neither one of these persons have Real Estate Salesperson licenses. It is the job <>  of the processing staff to submit the file to the lender and to follow the progress of the case with the lender's loss mitigation agent. The processor/negotiator person discusses information and terms of proposals between the homeowner and loss mitigation person at the lender.
          You may have noticed that there has not yet been an attorney involved in the case. As a practical matter, the attorney who is assigned to these cases is a young man who just graduated from law school and passed the bar within the last 2 years. The supervising attorneys were admitted to the bar in June 2005 and June 2006. The attorney assigned to a case may or may not review the file in the early stages and talk with the homeowner on the phone <> . The attorney generally make the final call to discuss the proposed modification with the homeowner and will advise them as appropriate.
          At this point, it would be helpful for the reader to understand the layout of the offices and the relationship to the law firms. Loan Safe Solutions occupies a leased building in Corona. There is approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of office space <> . On 1 side of the building the Loan Safe Solutions corporate staff and support personnel have offices. The other side of the building is the 'Law Office' staff, the actual attorney office and processing. There is no physical separation between Loan Safe Solutions and the Law Office sales staff. The salespeople 'Mortgage Investigators' used to occupy about 30 cubicles. The attorney has a separate locked office. The Law Office personnel and Loan Safe Solutions personnel can freely move about the shared office space. In fact, the phone lines <>  that come in are answered by persons employed by Loan Safe and they can transfer to either Loan Safe or the Law Offices.
          In the building adjacent to Loan Safe, there is another law office which feeds cases to Loan Safe Solutions.
          In September 2008, the very experienced and savvy B2B <>  Sales Manager left the company over growing frustration over cases not being handled properly and the huge increase in complaint calls from brokers and homeowners.
          In September 2008, Moe abruptly shut down the 'B2B' division of Loan Safe and laid off almost all of the sales staff.
          In September 2008 the original Law Firm #1 ceased taking on Loan Safe cases. Law Firm #2 was created.
          In November, the V.P. of Operations suddenly resigned, citing dissatisfaction with the processing method as being overly complicated and time consuming. Moe's frequent verbal abuses of the personnel was also a contributing factor to resigning.

    Talk about the kettle calling the pot black - Moe Bedard's Loansafe is itself BEING SUED  for trademark infringement!

         Loan Safe Solutions received a trademark infringement complaint in late 2008 initiated by First American Title Company. First American has a division called Corelogic which has had a product on the market for many years called LoanSafe 2.0. The complaint alleges trademark infringement of the LoanSafe trademark by Loan Safe Solutions. As yet, unresolved.
          In January 2009, the CEO of Loan Safe left the operation due to differences of opinion on the proper operation of the business.
          In late February 2009, the corporate attorney for Loan Safe was all of a sudden not at work. Who knows?
          In late February, Law Firm #2 ceased taking on new business <>  from Loan Safe. Law Firm relationship #3 was established.
          In early March 2009, almost all of the 25+ sales people 'Mortgage Investigators' were fired.
          Last week, everyone in processing (except 2) and everyone in auditing (except 2) were fired.
          A little over 3 weeks ago, Moe made an announcement to management that he was considering selling Loan Safe. Unknown at this point if any action has been taken.
          Homeowners who are researching loan modifications should do their own due diligence, make wise decisions and are advised to not rely solely on this information for making their decisions.
          loansafe, loan safe, loansafe solutions, modifyloan, loanwork, predatorylendinglaw, mhlloanpro, Moe Bedard, convicted felon, abuse, loan modification, forensic <>  loan audit,”
          *article from

    Moe Bedard is a scammer, huckster, liar, bully, and a RACIST:

    LoanSafe Scam Victim: "I lost my $10,000 and my home of 25 years thanks to scammer Moe Bedard"

    Moe Bedard's REST report (run by Brian Colombana, DISBARRED former attorney) is a SCAM and does NOT deliver the promised loan modifications!

    We sent Moe all of the above information, to show that we are not some fly-by-night outfit of amateurs, we know our stuff and we diligently do our research, and if we really wanted to put him out of business, we could easily do it without "ripping off" his website (for the record, our affiliate's site actually looks nothing like Moe Bedard's site - his site is full of spam and shady ads for predatory loans, where as our affiliate's site is clean and free of sponsored ads). If he REALLY wants to accuse us of being a scam, he should answer about all his own skeletons in the closet first. If we were scammers like Moe, it wouldn't be hard for him to find negative testimony from our former clients and employees - but he hasn't, and the reason is simple: there just isn't any. Yeah there are rumors, but no actual negative testimony from anyone who's worked with us or hired us. Moe still has not provided us with a list of the clients that he claims we have "scammed". We've still heard nothing from the FTC or the FBI. And our client base is growing faster than ever before, ironically mostly through referrals from satisfied clients. Extraordinary accusations demand extraordinary proof - and Moe is just a professional liar and conman who doesn't have any.

    All he said to us in response was the following:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [] On Behalf Of Moe Bedard
    Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 3:18 AM
    To: Law Office of NLHC
    Subject: Re: Fraud and Scams


    Hardly professional language for a guy who is supposedly a foreclosure prevention professional. Not only is he practicing real estate/loan negotiation without a license, he also is totally lacking in professional respect and civility.

    Here's a thought, Moe - Instead of screaming like a castrated dog and calling us names, why don't you actually give us the name at least ONE person that we have supposedly scammed? EVIDENCE PLEASE. You are talking to a Law Firm, you understand that, right? It's not what you want to believe, it's what you can PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt. Show us, Moe - just whom have we scammed? Screaming louder and threatening us with death (or whatever being "taken out" means in your paranoid mind) doesn't make your lies any truer. In fact, if you're not careful from this point on, it could get you arrested - AGAIN. And then the entire non-licensed LoanSafe empire will come crashing down.

    And we'll still be here, helping exploited homeowners with REAL legal solutions that get settlements in their favor, not the bank's.


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